What is Cafe4tune?

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What is Cafe4tun?
Что такое Cafe4tune?
Cafe4tune is a free social networking site that offers users new ways of interacting with other users from all over the world. An interesting feature of our site is the “café” which is a virtual space designed and customized according to users’ needs and desire. In these cafes, users can broadcast whatever they like (video messages, concerts, breaking news, celebrities, sports etc), and can also chat (both text and video) with other users. Besides Cafe allows you to create your own forum and thread in it, as well as polls with the ability to add image or video for voting.
How is it different from other social networking sites?
Отличия от других социальных сетей?
Users of Cafe4tune can join cafes – a place where you can interact with other users that share your interests. As well as you can have video chats, and broadcast video for other users to see.
How can I use it?
Как использовать?
You can register for the site here.


How do I sign in?
Как я могу войти? 

You need to enter your email address and password at the top right of the main page and click the “Sign in” button.
Вам нужно ввести свой электронный адрес и пароль в правом верхнем углу главной страницы и нажмите кнопку "Войти".